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Cooling Services in Chillicothe, OH

When it comes to keeping area residents and their homes nice and cool during Southern Ohio’s hot months of summer, no one does it like Chillicothe Heating & Cooling. If things have heated up in your home — if you need some sort of A/C repair in the Greater Ross County Ohio Area — you’re in the right place. We make keeping you cool an easy breeze and our prices won’t break the bank. If you need work on an A/C, the next step is simple. Simply pick up that phone and give us a call. Remember we always have a friendly team member standing by, night and day.

We at Chillicothe Heating & Cooling are happy to offer all of the AC services a homeowner could possibly need at a fair price with fast and user-friendly finance options. We are Five Star Rated experts in AC maintenance, air conditioning repair, ac replacement, and A/C installation. In any case, we are the last company you’ll ever need for anything related to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning year-round here in the Greater Chillicothe, Ohio, Region.

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A/C Repair in Chillicothe, OH

Air Conditioner Repair

A/C Maintenance in Chillicothe, OH

Air Conditioner Maintenance

A/C Installation in Chillicothe, OH

Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Chillicothe, OH

Schedule an A/C Tune-Up + Check Out

Our technicians will examine your air conditioner from top to bottom, part by part, investigating every single component to find anything that might be amiss. Keep your A/C in good working order with this regular maintenance. Claim this deal today!

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$69 A/C Tune-Up + Check Out

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    4 Home Cooling Efficiency Tips

    Once the weather starts warming up here in Ohio, it won’t be long until we are back to using our air-conditioning units. If you’re looking to reduce your home cooling bills, the following tips can help you save on air-conditioning costs;

    Here are 4 tips to keep you and your family cool while saving money this summer:

    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

    Use Fans

    Fans are an excellent and affordable way to cool your home at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. While it’s highly unlikely that a fan can replace your A/C entirely, a fan can be a great supplement. Position them near or in windows, and try to create cross-breezes when possible.
    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

    Reduce Heat Sources

    While natural light is great to utilize during the summer months when it’s nice out, the sun’s rays can raise the temperature in your home. We suggest shutting blinds and drapes or investing in blackout curtains to reduce exterior heat. Additionally, keep heat-producing appliances, such as televisions or lamps, away from your home’s thermostat. The heat they produce can cause your thermostat to think it needs to work harder to cool the room, using up more energy.

    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

    Set Realistic Temperature

    Turning your thermostat to 78° F is the most efficient setting for a residential A/C throughout the warmer part of the year. Lowering your home’s temperature lower, like 72°, can increase your home’s cooling expenses by as much as 47%. And when it’s hot, don’t set the air conditioner at a much lower temperature. While you may think that makes the unit work faster, in actuality it doesn’t help cool the room any quicker.

    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

    Check for Air Leaks

    Make sure you don’t have any cooled air escaping through openings like doors, fireplace dampers, or windows. Take a good look at the seals around these areas to see if weather stripping or caulk needs to be applied.
    Heat Pump Services in Chillicothe, OH

    Heat Pump Services in Chillicothe, OH

    What is a Heat Pump?

    A heat pump is a single HVAC system used year-round for heating and cooling. It is installed outside the home, but uses an air handler inside the home. Like an air conditioner, it can cool your home using refrigerants. However, during the colder months, it is also capable of providing heat. During the cooler months, heat pumps pull heat from the cold outdoor air and transfer it into the home. During the warmer months, it pulls heat out of indoor air to cool your home.

    Heat pumps are powered by electricity. They transfer heat with the use of refrigerants to provide homeowners comfort all year long. Because they handle both cooling and heating, homeowners may not need to install separate HVAC systems to heat their homes. In colder climates, an electric heat strip can be added to the indoor fan coil for additional heating capacity. Because heat pumps do not burn fossil fuel to create heat like furnaces do, they are environmentally friendly and very energy efficient, which saves you money.

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    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

    A Trusted Source For Cooling Services in Chillicothe, OH

    At Chillicothe Heating & Cooling, we want our customers to know we will be there whenever they encounter a problem with their residential air conditioning units. We make cozy happen, and offer comfort on call. However, it would be doing our customers and fellow community members in the Greater Ross County Region a disservice if we neglected to mention and promote the one way you can avoid almost all the common HVAC system pitfalls in the fall. Schedule a A/C Tune-Up + Check Out today to keep your home safe all winter long and keep the warranty active on your home’s expensive equipment.

    We guarantee customer satisfaction above everything else on every call, every job we do — no matter how big or small. We provide 24-hour emergency repairs, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends! We service, install and repair all the major brands of heat pumps. The men and women who wear our uniform are highly-skilled and have years of extensive, hands-on training in servicing, maintaining, and installing many different types of heating and cooling systems. This includes forced air systems, heat pumps, central A/C, ductless mini splits, air handlers, and more. There isn’t an HVAC system out there that we can’t work on!

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    We're Your Local Amana Brand Dealer in Chillicothe, OH

    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling is proud and honored to earn the distinction as an Authorized Amana Brand Dealer here in the Greater Ross County Ohio area. We are proud to partner with a trusted name in the HVAC industry, a truly All-American Brand, and look forward to selling and installing these premium-quality, durable home comfort systems at the most competitive price rates in the local market with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Becoming an Authorized Amana Brand Dealer comes with the Amana Advantage. The Amana Advantage includes a variety of benefits we pass on to customers, such as amazing warranty coverage on equipment, HVAC maintenance programs, finance options, and more.

    Chillicothe Heating & Cooling

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    Are you needing to upgrade your home's heating or air conditioning system or need help covering the cost of repairs? Check out our current financing offer! We have partnered with Wells Fargo to offer a credit card to help our customers keep their homes comfortable year-round.

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